Top 10 Exporters of Fresh Cut Flowers

Have you ever looked at flowers and asked yourself where all the lovely flowers that decorate your garden or any other events come from? According to Oakville Flower Delivery, here are exciting facts about countries that are very good at growing and exporting Ever wondered where those lovely garden flowers come from? Here are exciting facts about countries that are very good at growing and exporting fresh cut flowers. 

fresh cut flowers

1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is the most popular destination for growing and selling flowers in different countries. They sell flowers worth $5.17 billion annually to various parts of the world. Their popular flower types are roses, carnations and chrysanthemums. These are some of the flowers many people love buying from the Netherlands.

2. Colombia

The international floral market also recognizes Columbia as one country that sells many of its flowers internationally. They make approximately $1.73 billion yearly by selling them in various regions. That’s lots of cash generated through blossoms. Colombia sells most roses worldwide. People like Colombian roses so much because they are lovely and bright. Columbia has good conditions for the cultivation and exportation of these pretty plants.

3. Ecuador

Ecuador is another country that exports plenty of roses abroad. In 2021 only, they traded roses with other types, totalling up to $937 million. Ecuador is one of the best destinations to buy roses. This is because they produce beautiful roses loved by many who visit them.

4. Kenya

Kenya is another country that does well with exporting Roses to different parts of the globe. They sell an average of roses and other flowers for $766 million. Kenya is known for being a significant exporter of Roses due to its vast cultivation. Their exportation goes to various countries where such lovely flowers are welcomed.

5. Ethiopia

Ethiopia exports fresh flowers to other countries. In 2021, the value realized from the sale was $235 million. They ended with an extra $229.4 million at the end of 2022. Ethiopia exports many red roses in high demand for romantic purposes.

6. China

China is getting better at selling fresh-cut flowers to other countries. They sell an average of $162.1 million worth of flowers. Ultimately, they had $113.2 million extra in 2022. China is developing as an exporter of fresh cut flowers; these beautiful flowers are being sent to places in demand.

7. Italy

Italy sells flowers to other parts of the world; for example, they sell flowers worth $140 on average. Italy’s exported roses and carnations are among the floral products that have gained popularity and are loved by many people on different occasions, weddings, and home decor.

8. Canada

Canada also sells flowers to different regions globally. For instance, they sell flowers worth $89.9m on average. Some of Canada’s famous exported flowers include roses and tulips, whose scent and colours appeal to many individuals who plant them in their gardens. They can also purchase them as gifts anywhere where these blossoms are wanted.

9. Malaysia

Malaysia sold up to 85,968,000 dollars by exporting its blossom crops alone in 2021. Orchids and roses define Malaysian flower exports because they are pretty blooms that brighten up any room when used as decorations or given as presents due to their exotic nature.

10. Belgium

Belgium also sells its plants far away, sometimes in different global corners. For example, Belgium posted flower sales netting 6,87 million dollars in 2021. Belgium exports mainly roses and chrysanthemums, which are popular because they are beautiful and come in many colours. 


These are the top ten countries that expertly sell fresh cut flowers to other nations: from the Netherlands (billions of euros) to Kenya and Colombia – famous for their great roses. Each state plays a crucial role in the global flower market. These flowers bring joy and beauty to people around the globe. For more information about these flowers, please get in touch with local florists.