Are Flowers At A Funeral Thoughtful Or Cliched?

Flowers are one of the best ways to express grief and sympathy at a funeral. 

However, choosing the right flower can be tricky since every flower represents a different meaning. As such, we have put together this guide to help you pick the right one from the different types of funeral flowers. 

Apart from that, we have mentioned the significance of each flower. So, without further ado, let’s proceed! 

funeral flowers

Types Of Funeral Flowers 

1. Roses 

Roses are one of the most common flowers people prefer to use whenever they lose a loved one. The significance of a rose can vary depending on the colour of the petals. 

For instance, red roses are one of the most universally recognized funeral flowers. It signifies respect, love and courage. Similarly, some people prefer to use pink flowers since they represent appreciation, love and grace. Furthermore, friends often use yellow roses to signify the bond they share with each other. 

2. Lilies 

Lilies are yet another popular funeral flower since it signifies the innocence of the person being restored after death. Moreover, this flower has a calming and pleasant smell which helps to soothe the mind of your loved ones while they grieve for the deceased. 

However, finding fresh lilies can be challenging since they wilt faster once they are out of the water. Thus, you might have to make an order in advance to get fresh lilies from your local florist. 

3. Chrysanthemums (Mums) 

The chrysanthemums are one of the most recognized funeral flowers in Europe since they are used for decorating graves as a symbol of sympathy. When it comes to Asian culture, the mums signify grief for a loved one. 

In America, people believe that mums represent truth, loyalty and positivity. Regardless of the different meanings, these flowers are one of the best ways to give an uplifting tribute to a deceased person. 

4. Carnations 

Normally, carnations are used for making wreaths and standing sprays, but they can be used as funeral flowers. In fact, the meaning of the flowers differs depending on the colour of the petals. For instance, red carnations signify affection, while pink ones represent remembrance. 

5. Orchids 

Lastly, orchids are another suitable option if you want to express your love for a deceased person. Besides, most florists consider orchids as the ideal sympathy flowers since they have a long life span. 


With that, we have reached the end of this guide. As we have mentioned earlier, different flowers can share a wide range of emotions with your loved ones. Some might signify love and sympathy, while others signify grief, remorse and sorrow. Regardless of the flower you pick, it is still considered a thoughtful and kind gesture. If you struggle to find the right funeral flower, you can always visit the local florists and ask for their recommendations.