How to Adjust Garage Door Cables: Your Complete Guide

Are you wondering how to adjust garage door cables but don’t know where to start?

It’s a lot easier than you think! Once you have the right tools, it’s a simple process you can do in a matter of minutes. 

Keep reading for more information on how to adjust garage door cables on your residential garage door.

Adjust Garage Door Cables

What Are Garage Door Cables?

Garage cables are the cables that operate your garage door. They consist of metal, have a tensile strength of about 880 pounds, and are common in most residential homes.

When you push the button to open or close your garage door, it’s not just a button: it’s actually a metal drive chain that sends an electromagnetic signal to the motor that opens or closes your garage door. The motor pulls on the cable, which causes your garage door to open or close.

How to Adjust Garage Door Cables

If you’re wondering how to adjust garage door cables, don’t worry! It’s a relatively simple process that involves the following steps: 

1. The first step is to ensure you disconnect your garage door from power. Next, ensure that the safety chains and torsion springs are secure.

2. Check the length of your garage door and make sure it is between 6 and 7 feet above the floor. If it’s too high, you will have trouble adjusting the cables.

3. Next, you will need to loosen all of the tension on your cable by turning the adjuster screw clockwise until it stops turning. This will allow for more slack in your cable to enable you to tighten it later on.

4. Once you have loosened up all the tension on the cable, you can tighten them back up using a torque wrench, wire cutters, or pliers (whichever is easier for you). You want to tighten them until they are halfway between their original and new lengths.

5. Loosen the screw until there is about an inch of play in each cable when you press down on them with your finger.

6. Tighten the screw until there is no more play in either cable, but they remain loose enough for you to adjust them from time to time if needed later on down the road (this will prevent any undue stress on your hardware).

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