5 Signs You Need to Call Your Attorney During Police Custody

Do you know what to do when the police catch or detain you? It is good to remember that you can inform a lawyer. Having a lawyer in some cases is essential, especially for youths charged with criminal offences. How important it is to be accompanied by a legal counsel during such difficult times when dealing with security personnel. Here is 5 sign you need legal attorney during police custody.

police custody

Sign 1: Being Arrested or Detained

Arrests and detentions can be scary experiences for one undergoing them. By immediately calling a lawyer, you will ensure they are reminded of these rights again. They are there to ensure that justice is served. A defence attorney’s role goes beyond helping clients understand the legal process and what lies ahead. After all, they are available at any time throughout the entire process.

Sign 2: Being Interrogated without Legal Assistance

If interrogated by police without having legal representation present, you can say things that can hurt your case. Without proper guidance from lawyers, one may not know what exactly they should say or not say. An attorney would ensure that you know your civil rights. They also help you to decide how best to protect yourself from self-incrimination.  Every word counts, and each statement can easily affect one’s case positively or negatively. During questioning, you need an attorney. They ensure you don’t accidentally say anything that could hurt your case in police custody.

Sign 3: Charges and Rights are Unclear

Sometimes, the police may not tell you what they are holding for or even what has been charged against you, causing confusion and fear. In such situations, a lawyer will guide people about all this and their rights. They will break down the charges facing one and inform you of your legal entitlements. If everything is vague when in doubt, having attorneys beside can relieve stress to people by assuring them that whatever happens next is within the law. This can let you know your rights and make informed choices when faced with indistinct allegations.

Sign 4: Accusing Witnesses Or Evidence

If somebody has been able to capture pictures, videos, or other people describing what you did wrong, trying to defend yourself can be a big challenge. A lawyer will look at the evidence and interview the witnesses so that you know how you should respond. He can tell you what the evidence means and how it could impact your case. In instances where evidence against you and witnesses are present, having a legal representation would make a difference.

Sign 5: Forced/Pressurized Feeling

When police make you feel obliged by fear to say or act in specific ways, that is not right. A lawyer can ensure that justice prevails without being coerced into anything wrong. Your attorney could talk to them on your behalf while ensuring they do not overstep your rights. At any time when one feels mistreated in police custody, you should get legal help. Go for an attorney whenever law enforcement officers force you to do something against your wish. In these harsh conditions, they guarantee the fairness of someone’s rights.


Shouldering a legal issue with the law enforcers requires an individual to have a lawyer nearby to help defend his/her rights. Callous acts from authorities require immediate action from a professional representative. Call us if you need legal help or consultation on legal matters