Best Cocktail Bars in Canada

Best Cocktail Bars in Canada

There are some incredible cocktail bars in Canada, and one of them is Clive’s Classic Lounge. This bar is ranked 20th in Canada’s Best Cocktail Bars, and was described by its reviewers as a moody, cozy atmosphere with a hint of glam. Regardless of the city you’re visiting, you’re sure to find a drink that matches the mood at Clive’s.

Located in the basement of the popular Vietnamese restaurant, Ha, Nhau Bar features an eclectic cocktail menu and Southeast Asian influences. The space tends to be small, but this is no reason to turn away a great night out. Although Clive’s offers a limited menu, its talented bartenders are able to make your next drink the way it should be. The bar is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5pm to 11pm.

Pablo is another Canadian bar where classic drinks are reimagined. The cocktail menu features hard, old-school drinks, along with more adventurous concoctions. The atmosphere is intimate and the decor is elegant. Try the Takoo Punch, a house-made punch that’s made with Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, apricot jam, falernum, and soda water. If you’re in Toronto, don’t miss out on Pablo’s tropical cocktails.

In Halifax, Lot Six offers a modern drinking experience and east-coast hospitality. The menu features creative, unique cocktails and small plates. The menu is complemented by a rotating selection of beer, wine, and fortifieds. As a part of Canada’s Best Cocktail Bars, Lot Six is worth a visit. Just like the other bars in this article, Lot Six is an excellent choice for a date.

In Toronto, there are some incredible bars to visit while in the city. D/6 is a popular rooftop lounge with a stunning view. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, head to The Victor, a steak and seafood restaurant. Keefer is another great spot for a night out and features whimsical drinks like Skeleton Kiss, Japanese Vesper, and Fantasy Island. Another Canadian cocktail bar is Old Montreal’s Simcoe Yard House. The bar is rumored to be the smallest bar in the world, so make sure to make reservations.

Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail in a cozy bar or indulge in a specialty drink, a Canadian casino is sure to have one to suit your needs. The best cocktail bars in Canada also feature good food and service. A great selection of Canadian wines is also available. You can try your hand at mixing the perfect drink at one of these bars. A few of the best Canadian cocktail bars are listed below. It’s easy to get lost in the hundreds of options!

The Hawksworth Bar in Toronto is another fine cocktail bar in Canada. It features stunning artwork by Damien Hirst and soft cream leather couches, but the drinks themselves are of outstanding quality. While the experience isn’t cheap, it’s worth it for serious cocktail fans. Be prepared to pay top dollar for this experience, and don’t forget to bring your wallet! During the weekend, you can try the famous Hotel Georgia, which is a combination of gin, orgeat, and gin.