Busting 5 Myths About Criminal Lawyers

When it comes to handling criminal cases effectively, hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer is your best bet.

Unfortunately, many people these days are a bit reluctant to talk to defence lawyers. This is primarily due to some rumours and misconceptions about the practice, which makes them feel skeptical.

However, believing these myths can keep you from getting proper representation in court, which can have adverse consequences for you. That is why this guide has sought to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding criminal lawyers. So, if you want to set the records straight, keep reading!

Myths About Criminal Lawyers

5 Myths Surrounding Criminal Defence Lawyers

Myth 1: Criminal Lawyers Often Falsify The Evidence

A lot of people believe that criminal lawyers often falsify criminal records and make up phony evidence to win the trial for their clients. This is a ridiculous claim that often belittles the effort they put in for each case. 

In reality, criminal lawyers work very hard to conduct investigations and gather legitimate evidence so that they can help their client in the best possible manner.

Myth 2: Criminal Defence Lawyers Do Not Care About Their Clients

Another common misconception that surrounds criminal lawyers is that they do not care about the innocence or guilt of their clients. On the contrary, they do care about each client that they work with. It’s just that their practice requires them to maintain an unbiased outlook so that they can fight the case effectively. 

Besides, a lawyer is not in a position to pass judgements about the case anyway since that is the responsibility of the judge.

Myth 3: Criminal Lawyers Are Focused Only On Making Money

Financial compensations are obviously necessary to sustain a livelihood, but that is not the sole reason why criminal lawyers take up this profession. In fact, if you ask a criminal lawyer, they will tell you that their dedication to the justice system is what drives them. Thus, the myth that criminal lawyers only care about money is entirely false.

Myth 4: Defence Lawyers Only Work In The Courtroom

Many people think that a criminal lawyer’s primary work is inside the courtroom, but the reality is quite the opposite. Most of their work is done outside the courtroom, and it involves gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and formulating a plan for their client’s defence.

Myth 5: A Good Criminal Lawyer Is Expensive

It is a common belief that consulting criminal lawyers is often expensive. Because of this, many people hesitate when it comes to hiring one. However, this is not entirely true since you can find plenty of competent criminal lawyers who have reasonable payment plans.


There are, of course, more myths surrounding criminal lawyers, but the ones discussed above are the most widespread and disruptive. Believing these rumours means that you are discrediting the very people who can help you navigate legal hot waters successfully.

So, if you’re in legal trouble, disregard these myths and contact a criminal lawyer immediately!