How to Know if Your Gift Flowers Are Fresh 

Few people can look at a flower and know whether it is fresh. Some don’t have the time to inspect if the flower is fresh; here are simple tips to help you know. When shopping for flowers, look for a reliable florist with experience, like the flower shop in North York

It will save you time and costs you would use to check if the flowers are fresh or not. There are a variety of things to check when checking if the flower is fresh;

  • Leaves
  • Petals
  • Stem 
  • Water 
  • Pollen 

Fresh Flowers


The leaves of a plant can tell a lot about the freshness of the plant. A fresh leaf is either bright or deep green and has a steady touch. The flower is not fresh if it has brown or yellow leaves. 

You can also check if the leaf falls off quickly when you touch it. The flower might not be that fresh if the leaves are transparent. Some leaves are spotted with brown colors. These show that the leaf was not handled well and is not fresh. 


The first thing you notice from any flower is the petals. They are often brightly colored and come in different shapes and sizes. A fresh flower is bright, and the petals are firm when you touch them. 

On the contrary, petals with fading color or spots of discoloration are stale or not fresh. You can also look at the petals with bruises and the edges turning brown from wilting. It might indicate that the flowers may not last long. 


The flower’s stem is also important in telling the freshness of the flower. Recently picked flowers have a robust and steady. Most of the flowers have green and firm stems when you touch them.  

Therefore, the flower is not fresh if the stem discolors and breaks easily. Stale flowers have brown or weak stems if they have been in the water for a long time. They break easily, and some become sticky or lose the green peel. 

Check on the stem’s ends, indicating if the flower will turn bad fast. A freshly cut stem should be green, and you can see the middle part of the stem. The flower is not fresh if the stem’s ends turn yellow or brown. 


If the flowers were put in water, inspect the water. The flowers are fresh if the water is clear. However, this might not be the case for many flowers; you still need to check on the flower. The flowers might not be fresh if the water has dried leaves and the color has turned almost dirty. 


Most commercial flowers are plucked before they start producing pollen. If your flower already carries pollen, it might not be freshly cut. Check on the pollen or if it has begun to produce fruit, which means it was plucked late and will wilt soon. 

Final words 

It is essential to analyze your flower before buying it. These simple steps will help you identify whether the flowers are fresh. If you want fresh flowers, look for a florist with good reviews or recommendations.