Bathroom remodeling basics: Steps to transforming your bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom might sound like a difficult task but it’s fairly straightforward. With a solid plan and a one-step-at-a-time approach, you’ll be on your way to a successful DIY bathroom renovation in no time. Remember to be patient if it’s your first bathroom DIY project.

Before you start

First, decide if DIY is for you. If you have the time and money to invest in a house project, but may not be able to hire a professional handyman, consider DIY as an option.

Also, research what your home needs before starting any major project. Knowing what you want will help you choose the right tools and materials for the job at hand.

Steps to successful bathroom remodeling

It’s time to remodel your bathroom. You’ve been dreaming about it for years, but now is the time to take action. Whether you’re looking to update your existing bathroom or build a new one, there are a few things you should consider before starting your remodel.

Plan the layout and style

You begin with the planning phase. It mainly lays down the overall plan and looks, or style, that you are after. As a result, it impacts everything from the style of the light fixtures you choose to the tile flooring pattern you go for.

You can either have your bathroom be all one room or have it divided into two rooms (a master bath and a guest bath). If you choose to divide the room, make sure that each area is big enough for its own storage cabinets so that you don’t end up with too much clutter in one area.

There are many different styles of bathrooms out there. More popular ones include traditional and modern ones.

The traditional look, for example, will include tile floors and walls, mirrors, and possibly a tub/shower combo.

The modern look would include tile floors on the walls, no mirror or tub/shower combo (or maybe a wall-mounted sink), and possibly some other interesting design elements such as lighting fixtures or even wallpaper!


The first thing you’ll want to do is paint your walls and door frames. Pick a color that best suits your style, whether it be a bright shade of yellow or deep blue.

If you’re going for an updated look, try using dark colors instead of light ones so it’ll feel more modern.

Light fixtures and accessories

If there’s one thing that can really make or break a space, it’s lighting. When it comes to changing out fixtures for better ones in the bathroom, there are plenty of different options available — from pendants and sconces to chandeliers and mirrors — so find something that fits with your décor and personality.

Don’t forget about accessories like towel bars and towel hooks either! These little details can make all the difference when it comes time to match up new hardware with old fixtures (and vice versa).

In conclusion

From the layout and style to the paint and accessories — bathroom remodeling is a complex task that is best dealt with by the divide-and-conquer methodology. You break down your remodeling project into different sub-tasks or areas and then you finish them one at a time.

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