Can I Restore Love With My Spouse Through Counseling?

When the love between two people in a marriage is fading, many can feel lost and unsure what to do. For some, it’s too late, and they decide to end things, whereas others may want to try and restore the love between them.

One way to do this is through counseling – but can it help revive a relationship that is on the brink of being lost? Let’s take a look.

What Is Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is when both partners come together and talk to an unbiased facilitator about their issues and how to resolve them. It allows each partner to communicate openly for a deeper understanding. 

In addition, couples counseling offers the chance for the couple to devise realistic plans for how they can work together better for love between them to flourish again.

What Can Be Gained From Counseling?

Counseling can provide valuable insight into your thoughts and feelings and those of your spouse. Through this process, both individuals can identify problems, such as communication breakdowns or underlying resentments that can cause tension in the relationship. 

Addressing these issues with an unbiased third party makes it easier to find common ground, which can help rebuild trust within the relationship and reignite lost love.

Goal Setting Within Couples Counseling

The main focus within couples counseling should be on setting goals that will steer you toward fixing any underlying issues. 

These goals should be achievable short-term tasks that guide how you should interact in future situations so that misunderstandings are kept at bay, and communication remains open. 

This could involve anything from agreeing not to criticize one another harshly when discussing topics to spending quality time together so that closeness is rekindled.    

Can Couples Counseling Really Help To Restore Lost Love?

The key factor here lies in being open-minded, as both partners have to actively work towards finding viable solutions beneficial for everyone involved– if even one partner isn’t committed, then progress is unlikely.

That said, when both parties are willing and honest with each other during their sessions, couples counseling has been known to help bring back lost affection and establish new beginnings where none seemed possible before. 

Allowing the counselor an opportunity to gain further insight into your struggles also assists them in providing personalized advice tailored towards helping your specific situation – something which cannot be found elsewhere.   


It is important not only for both partners to understand that restoring love is no easy task but also for what methods we put into practice for this process to become successful. 

Through examples such as couples counseling, we’ve seen various ways of achieving our desired goal. 

If you are looking for a couple of counseling sessions to fire up your bond with your partner, you can check out a Calgary therapist to help you achieve that. 

Ultimately, however, it all comes down to improving honest communication within relationships though having a positive mindset that allows us to set achievable goals may prove helpful along the way!