Don’t Throw Out Your Torn Carpet Just Yet! Make It Like New With These Steps 

Carpeted floors can be a great way to add to the utility and aesthetics of any room.

However, regular use can damage your carpets, and you may observe big and small tears on the surface. The good news is that you can repair them at home using some DIY carpet patching methods. Read on to find out!

torn carpet

How To Repair A Torn Carpet?

Repairing Small Tears

Repairing small tears on your carpet is a fairly easy job and requires just 2 simple steps:

Step 1- Lift The Tear

Slide a thin, flat-edged yet sturdy tool (like a ruler) under the carpet to lift the torn area. This will give you better access to the portion that needs work.

Step 2- Apply Seaming Or Heat Tape 

Bring together the torn portions and have someone hold them that way. Now, cut a strip of seaming or heat tape a couple of inches longer than what’s required and apply it to the bottom edge of the tear by flipping the area. Finally, run an iron over the tape by pressing it gently on the tape to seal the tear.

Alternatively, you can apply some seam adhesive vertically along the edge of the tear. Allow it a few minutes to dry, and lay down the carpet as usual.

Repairing Large Tears

Although a little more time-consuming, repairing large tears can be effectively done using a few simple supplies. 

Step 1- Locate The Edge Of The Tear

Using a metal ruler or chisel, pull out the edge of the carpet closest to the tack strip. Stretch the tear on both sides just enough to expose the bottom edge.

Step 2- Sew The Tear

Fold back the carpet and sew 1-inch stitches at a gap of every 1/4th inch until the tear is fully closed. Use a thread colour that closely matches the surface colour of the carpet. This way, the stitches won’t show up on the surface.

Step 3- Apply Adhesive 

Apply some latex adhesive as reinforcement over the stitch line so that it’s completely covered. Once the glue is dry, attach the carpet line to the tack strip using a flat-headed tool.

How To Fix Multiple Tears?

Fixing multiple tears can also be accomplished using the DIY way, provided you have some extra carpet surface to spare. If you do, start by outlining the torn areas and measuring its width and depth. Then, cut a patch from the spare carpet according to these measurements. 

Follow this by removing the torn area from the carpet using a utility knife, but make sure not to cut into the underlay. Finally, apply some double-sided tape along the edges of the removed portion and place the new patch in. You can also use a comb or brush to blend the edges of the carpet and the patch.

Final Words

If you aren’t particularly interested in summoning your inner DIYer, professional carpet repairing services can come to your rescue. Aside from patching carpets, the professionals may help you with other jobs like stain and odour removal. 

So, contact the best carpet servicing team near you!